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Skype blank login screen

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Had been facing a strange issue recently on a Windows 7 64-bit OS with Skype. When Skype was launched it was showing a blank screen with the menu and skype logo on top. No username/password fields!

Tried a lot of things as suggested by different forums. It seems Skype uses javascript from IE! So if javascript does not work on IE, this issue would occur. Checked IE and javascript was indeed not working (there are a couple of testers online) :

1. Using regsvr32 to register jscript.dll and jscript9.dll by running cmd as administrator (different folders for 32 bit and 64 bit) (didn’t help)

2. enabling active content in IE Security Settings (didn’t help)

3. Uninstalling IE 10 so that it reverts to IE 9 automatically. (Worked!)

(This is a helpful link)

Let me know if you face a similar problem and are not able to solve it with the above.


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October 10, 2013 at 11:58 pm

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‘System’ process taking a lot of CPU

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My desktop PC had a strange issue recently when it suddenly slowed down a lot. I saw that “System” process started by ‘System’ was taking a lot of CPU cycles. I couldnt understand the reason (because ideally System Idle Process shows the max CPU which basically means that most of the system is idle)

Some googling around revealed that some buggy USB drivers cause that. I removed all the USB devices out from the system and presto! it started working fine!

The culprit was a USB camera  connector that we had plugged in a few days back and let it be there. Probably it’s USB driver was buggy.

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August 21, 2012 at 6:56 pm

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FaceTime Issue Fixed in Ipad 2

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Recently, I was fixing a FaceTime issue on Ipad 2 where it stopped connecting after the Ipad moved to a different Wi-Fi network.

When I used to call the other person, the call was going through and the other person could hear the ringtone but when the other person picked it up, on my side it would still seem to be ringing. Also, when the other person used to call, there was no alert at my end.

Read different posts. Tried upgrading to iOS 5 (from 4) but didnt help.

Then I tried the solution mentioned here that was referred here. And it worked fine! The DNS of the wi-fi network had to be changed to (Google’s Public DNS!) and then the Ipad was rebooted. (Dont know if the DNS made it work or the reboot 🙂 )

It works great now 🙂

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May 7, 2012 at 11:51 pm

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Copy all events to next year in Google Calendar

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I wanted to copy all events to next year in Google Calendar. I know a more efficient way to do this is set them to ‘repeat’ annually but the calendar I had didnt have that and I wanted to avoid editing each event manually.

Thanks to Susan‘s comment on the post here. There’s a pretty neat (and indirect) way to do that!

Export the calendar to ics file. Open it in wordpad and replace all DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:2011 with DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:2012. And the same with DTEND;VALUE=DATE:2010.

Save the file. Import it back and presto!



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December 31, 2011 at 11:09 am

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Working with large directories in AIX/UNIX

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I faced this strange issue today when an AIX directory contained more than 250000 files and I couldnt find an easy way to delete them.

ls or rm commands would return the error:  The parameter or environment lists are too long

My very dear friend and colleague suggested a way out and it worked. Here it is:

find . -name ‘http*’ -print -exec rm {} \;  

This script finds every file that matches http* (the files that I wanted to delete) and deletes them!

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December 21, 2011 at 4:35 pm

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WordPress Spam Injection

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I have another WordPress blog which I have hosted on a separate server. It got hit by wordpress spam injection. Thanks to numerous posts on the web (like this, this and this) that helped me a great deal in figuring out how to resolve it.

After the attack, if I did a ‘view source’ on any webpage I could see a huge set of unwanted links embedded at the bottom of the page (started and ending with comments <!–linksdfs–> and <!–linksbaj–>). Website audience cannot see these links but google (and other) bot(s) obviously see them and it brings down the site rating and ranking 😦 (apart from affecting the automated ads on the site)

It seems the version of WordPress that I was using (2.7.x) had a security loophole. (I never cared to update the version since I had made some changes in WordPress core files as well which I did not want to change all over again)

I think it all started when a new user with the username “awofbn” and email address “” became a registered user of my blog. I also found two malicious files named “wp-ufyy.php” and “wp-psld.php” in /public_html. These files had strange functions like eval(gzinflate(base64_decode(….))) etc. Also, the spam links were found in /public_html/index.php To get past the error, I did the following:

  1. Deleted wp-ufyy.php and wp-psld.php from /public_html
  2. Deleted the blog user “awofbn”.
  3. Removed the extraneous spam links from /public_html/index.php.
  4. Backed up my database and entire blog and upgraded to 3.0.4 (as explained pretty neatly here)
  5. Made all the manual changes to the core files and plugins again (luckily I had added comments with all the modifications with a common prefix – so could search them quickly from the backup)

I also used SpamCheckr. It’s a great tool to check if your website is affected with spam/malware.

Google WebMaster Tools also show a lot of strange keywords which dont belong to my site. Have submitted a reconsideration request to Google explaining them the situation and the corrective measures that I have taken.

Update 1: I used this plugin , referred here. It turned out that there were still a bunch of malicious files left in the folder /wp-includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced/skins/default/img/ with malicious code in it. Have deleted all the files here which were _not_ images (most of them looked suspicious based on their content and timestamps)

Update 2: Also found a couple of strange users registered on the site (apart from the one mentioned above) and deleted them (searched for their email adds on google and found forums where other people have confirmed that they were spammer’s email addresses). I have now put captchas on the registration page to avoid spammer bots to register automatically.

Update 3: I am getting a pro at it now! Learnt about this plugin from here. Have installed it – it’s a great tool for securing your WP site.

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January 28, 2011 at 11:36 am

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Hi there..

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Hi all

Off-and-on in life, we face a lot of interesting technical issues. I have started this blog to write down about the technical issues that I face (probably with their resolutions) so that people who face the same may benefit from the research already done.


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January 28, 2011 at 10:55 am

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