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FaceTime Issue Fixed in Ipad 2

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Recently, I was fixing a FaceTime issue on Ipad 2 where it stopped connecting after the Ipad moved to a different Wi-Fi network.

When I used to call the other person, the call was going through and the other person could hear the ringtone but when the other person picked it up, on my side it would still seem to be ringing. Also, when the other person used to call, there was no alert at my end.

Read different posts. Tried upgrading to iOS 5 (from 4) but didnt help.

Then I tried the solution mentioned here that was referred here. And it worked fine! The DNS of the wi-fi network had to be changed to (Google’s Public DNS!) and then the Ipad was rebooted. (Dont know if the DNS made it work or the reboot 🙂 )

It works great now 🙂


Written by techniclog

May 7, 2012 at 11:51 pm

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